A Smart Visitor Solution
Visitor Interactive is delighted to have created another Smart Solution.

Based on four years of international discovery and testing, this is the ultimate Visitor Management solution.

We have listened to you, the venue management by providing a suite of sign in options based around an agile platform.

A platform allowing the user to create comprehensive and professional reports. Reports reflecting the protocols that are adhered to, based on the importance of knowing, who is on site at all times.

A kiosk that is simple to use for children as well as the elderly, yet spectacular in appearance and professional in performance.

A set of Sign-In options that allows you to choose between manual Face to kiosk sign in, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Near-field communication (NFC), Quick Response Code (QR code) and the luxury and speed of the Visitor Interactive Finger Scanner.

Most importantly a unique and working evacuation list that can be used during evacuation and emergency situations.

Visitor Interactive Experience

Manual Sign in

Finger Scanner


QR Code


The Platform Experience

Be connected 24/7 – 365 with your building

Push notifications to individuals, groups or the entire building community.

System Access Authorisation Control.

Real Time mobile communication and data accessibility.

Substantial project and building management cost savings and efficiencies.

All relevant information and communication via the same portal

Some of our Clients

Smart, professional, efficient and a brilliant ROI

“We have been using the Visitor Interactive platform for over 3 years now. During this time we had major renovations and building construction.  This meant we had many contractors onsite. The Visitor Management solution allowed us to know what credentials any contractor or visitor had when on site. The Working With Children Check(WWCC) gives us ease of mind knowing that checks are being done back to the central database. Students love using the system and parents find it second nature.

The evacuation list can be used on any device meaning that our fire drills are quick and efficient.

The reliability and of this technology are supported by excellent support.

Anne Harcourt – Broadford Primary School

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