Kiosk Check-in

Check-in via our sleek, professional and self contained Kiosks.

The Visitor Interactive Kiosk synchronises directly and instantly to your own Visitor Interactive Account. All personnel entering the venue can sign in either manually, via RFID, NFC and via the popular finger scanner. Print badges instantly, capture visitor photo ID and sign NDA’s all in one easy to set up system. Our ability to connect with Australian – wide data bases for Working with children checks and teacher registration mean that the solution is the most powerful in the country.


We are excited to unveil our new and powerful Web interface. View live activity, customise your set up, send messages and run reports right from an easy to use dashboard.

Finger Scanner

Traditional authentication is inadequate.

With traditional authentication, secure access is dependent on human compliance. Users are burdened with inconvenient and complex authentication policies. These policies are not adaptable to an evolving threat environment. As a result, your enterprise isn’t fully protected.

Eliminate the dependency on people with Visitor Interactive Authentication. With a convenient, frictionless user experience, it’s frustration-free. Dynamic risk-based policies adapt to threats. Security is optimized for sign in for every user, every time and everywhere.

With Visitor Interactive you can add to any workflow now.

Agreements and Conformity

Easily add PDFs of venue maps, behaviour, codes of conduct, NDA’s, fire evacuation diagrams or any health & safety processes you require visitors to view and acknowledge on check-in or check-out.

Photo ID for enhanced security at site

On entry capture your visitor’s photo through our unique photo id kit. This is ideal to improve security checks at site to ensure visitors, contractors and staff clearly identify themselves. Like all workflow areas this can be made optional.

Print Badges

On entry simply decide whether you want badges printed for lanyard or stickers.

Visitor Interactive Features can be added to any plans

Working With Children Check

The Working with Children Check assists in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for, them are subject to a screening process. When implemented the WWCC process means that individuals entering the school need to add their WWCC code. This is then sent to the database to identify the visitors current WWCC status.

Sign in Options

Visitor Interactive provides companies with various options on how to sign in. They can be as simple as typing in your name to using a RFID and finger scanners.


Ideal for all receptions where deliveries can be signed in and delivered to the intended staff member. This provides secure recording of all delivery staff and deliveries.


Staff can be notified when deliveries are made and when their appointment has arrived.

Multiple Entry Points

Personnel can sign in one entry point and out another exit point. Meaning there is no restriction on venue movement.


Visitor induction questions can be added to clearly identify the background of each contractor.

First Impressions

The front counter of your facility becomes clutter free and any resident or visitor will gain a positive first impression immediately.

Zero Maintenance

Visitor Interactive is easy to set-up and to use. Fully setup off-site, the Visitor Interactive VMS is an out-of-the-box customized solution that means plug ‘n play and no reliance on the school technicians.

Visitor Management Solutions

It will remove the outdated paper based systems and replace it with a fully automated touchscreen. Keep track of visitors, contractors, staff and students.

Data Entry & Backup

All Data entry is quick and easy. Cloud storage allows for easy data analysis and automatic archiving. The tablet has battery backup in case of a black out.

Evacuation List

Unique to the Visitor Interactive solution, The Evacuation List provides designated admin users access to an instant digital list of who is currently onsite. This can be accessed via phone, tablet, the VIZOO kiosk or any device connected to the internet.

Enhanced Reporting

Principals and administration have access to a modern, sleek interface giving them ‘Livetime’ access to visitor sign in. Reports can be viewed in various formats and be emailed or printed at the touch of a button.


Visitor Interactive is unique by offering a banner area on the device which promotes sponsorship within the school. This sponsorship helps cover the cost of the VMS and/or raise much needed funds for other school amenities.


There is the opportunity to integrate the Visitor Interactive solution with existing student management solutions allowing for seamless connectivity. (Note: This may result it extra costs depending on requirements)

Securing Your Venue

In an emergency do you really know who is on site? Do you have details of each and every visitor and contractor? Have they completed an induction? Do you have visitor and contractor photos and/or signatures? Who are they here to see? The Visitor Interactive solution means that you will know who is on site and who has checked out. As a Principal, CEO or Manager you will have peace of mind in knowing you aren’t reliant on a piece of paper on the front desk

Customised Visitor Labels

Our kiosk provides great agility. The interface can be customised so different visitors can have the best user experience. This means that each visitor can follow their own process predetermined by the venue. This can include: residents, patients, students, staff, contractors and visitors.

Wayfinding and Agreements

Allow your visitors to sign NDA’s on entry, view fire evacuation diagrams or any check-in process suited to your business.

Customising your solution

Our aim is to make your solution as user friendly as possible. Choice of workflows, images and your logo support this philosophy. See our plans/packages for more information.

Features and Packages

See features and packages below to learn how nothing compares to Visitor Interactive Solutions

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