The Implementation

The deployment of Visitor Interactive Platform depends solely on the type of solution you choose. Once chosen it is as simple as placing in the ideal position and connecting to the wifi.

Initially we meet with your team representatives to better understand your requirements and explain how our solution can be adapted to meet the needs of your venue.

As a Service we provide you with our recommendations which will include a price for the hardware(kiosk), the sign in options and any connections to students, patient, staff or contractor management tools.

Hardware can vary according to kiosk size, style and installation. The hardware is a one-off cost.

The quotation is automatically calculated by how many of our optional functions you want to use and the amount of kiosk you require. Eg. No of entry and exit points or No of venues.

In order to proceed an authorised representative must agree to the terms of our Service Agreement and appropriate payments must be made. Applications bespoke to your venue will then be produced normally within 14 days for your final approval before being submitted to our internal tech team.

Our cloud-based Platform which provides live time interaction is efficient, easy to use and can provide significant savings in labor and goods by reducing operational inefficiencies. With communication and management now in the palm of your hand the Visitor Interactive platform removes what was previously an exhaustive, inferior and unprofessional paper based nightmare. The platform is intuitive in terms of functionality without unnecessary and irrelevant features slowing down your immediate adoption and utilisation. The platform is designed to instantaneously meet your needs.


At Visitor Interactive we have a dedicated team of specialist operators who understand the finer details of the Visitor Interactive platform and will assist you to leverage your use and optimise the outcome ensuring maximum return on investment . The platform being intuitive and easy to use requires minimal training which is supported with tuition. We can accomodate any changing circumstances in your business and can assist with communication routes that are bespoke to your business by adjusting your platform access from time to time to ensure you always derive maximum benefit from the Visitor Interactive platform .


Help Desk

Our virtual help desk is accessible 24/7 365. With our support team and interface designers located across the globe there is always someone available to provide assistance. Please complete the form below detailing your enquiry and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Powerful Ticketing

Deep customization capabilities let Visitor Interactive provide you with a unique tailored experience. Simply email us at and your support query will be ticketed immediately giving you the satisfaction of knowing your query is being attended to immediately.

Smart Automations

Tickets are categorised, prioritised and assigned to the correct personnel or support group automatically.

Helpdesk Ratings

We define and score our resolutions internally. The aim is to provide the best possible service to our partners to achieve first time call resolution and high star ratings.

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